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Non - Woven Bags

Non-woven bags are used in generally carrying stuff around. They have since replaced plastic paper bags after the Government of Kenya ban. They come in variety of designs, sizes and colours i.e. purple, red, black, white, blue, green, maroon, and pink and designs ranging from: D-cut bags carry bags, handle bags, box bags and vest bags. Due to their light weight, versatility, affordability and durability, non-woven bags are used by supermarkets, grocery stores, gift shops, promotional companies and many more.

Fruits and Vegetables Packaging Nets.

They are used to carry and protect fresh produce while the customer can still see and feel the content in the net.

They are mostly used in groceries stores and even in supermarket groceries due to their light weight, robust, and ability to deform to capture the contents. The nets come in a wide variety of colours ranging from: green, red, yellow, white etc.

Foam Plates

Foam plates are used for serving food, fruits or elaborate preparations. They are mainly used in the food industries like hotels or for packaging ready made meals. It’s also used to serve food for outside catering events like Weddings, Birthdays or any other.

They are lightweight and affordable because they are made using styrofoam which also provides a safe insulation for food products. Foam plates come in a wide variety of colours but the most popular one is white.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are used to contain solid waste and mostly used to line insides of waste containers to prevent waste from getting to the waste bin.
They are used everywhere including homes because waste is generated everyday everywhere.

The garbage bags mostly come in black which is used for non-biodegradable waste i.e. plastics and green which is used for biodegradable waste i.e. kitchen and garden waste.

Shrink Wrap Papers for Water Bottles

Shrink wrap paper, shrinks and wraps over and around a product when heat is applied to keep it tightly secure during handling and shipping. They are used in the water bottle packaging industry and are mostly colourless unless branded.

Tissue Wrap Papers

They are soft papers used in cushioning cartons, wrapping clothes, jewelry, and glass.
The tissue wrap papers are used in industries with delegate products such as glass while packaging to avoid breakage. Tissue wrap paper comes in many colors: red, yellow, lime green, dark green, navy blue, light blue, lavender, pastel pink, hot pink, white etc.

Bread and Cake Packaging Papers

They are used in packaging baked products because they offer protection of the product and preservation of its shelf life. The packaging papers are mainly used by pastry industries to package breads and cakes and mostly colorless unless branded.

Most of the products above can be reused, are durable and also eco-friendly like the non-woven bags thus conserving the environment.

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