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Production, distribution and provision of plastic packaging solution

Our business trades in production, distribution and provision of plastic packaging solution in East and Central Africa. The feeling of a unique innovative business idea drives the motive of a profitable market. With the ever-changing policies on advocacies for environmental innovative technologies that are..

Our Products

Non – Woven Bags

Fruits and Vegetables Packaging Nets.

Foam Plates

Garbage Bags

Shrink Wrap Papers for Water Bottles

Tissue Wrap Papers

Bread and Cake Packaging Papers


To provide efficient and reliable customer care services


To be the leading, efficient, effective, and reliable packaging producer both locally and internationally.

Core Values

  • Service: We work hard to provide an inviting environment for our customers and serve
    them in the best and most efficient way possible.
  • Sustainability: We aspire to use technology to tie with the people of the advancing times, running
    the business with our customers to create their own inspired creations and update as the technology
    within us advances.
  • Community Contribution: We are committed to contributing to organizations in our target market
    through our products and financial support, and escalating our association in other opportunities and
    play a key role in environmental advocacy.
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